This is a note that i've found from someone's book..who is that person will be..?hehe...

More and more people are making the decision I did,beliving that they can ease some of the dark fears by sharing their experiences..But many still can't bring themselves to talk about it,and I understand that too..

You can't possibly change his mind,but you'll sleep better..I like ---- very much and I'm sure none of us here is glad that she's having problems..Lets talk about something else,like what I've been wondering about these past few minutes - who do you think gossips more,men or women.?

You can't have everyone love you..One of your most important assets for a successful career is the ability to express yourself well..

ermm..I've been wondering and curious for this note..half blur and half good for my mind..for the person who wrote this note,im sorry and thank you for giving me some inspiration..



salam kembara. salam maal hijrah 1431.

agree~d note is half blur & half good for me too...but not bad,it triggers to think even deeper, trying to find what lies behind it.

Salam kembali ke kampus. :)

ibnuZul said...

dont judge book by it cover and his blog...haha....good try bro...hidup fendi